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Sami Aurora Camp - NOK 1 500,- per person

Experience a evening of genuine Sami culture. Mingle with Sami people and hear stories, joik and traditional Sami folk-lore over a cozy campfire, while we wait for the northern lights to appear above the Alta river.


Our Sami camp is situated just 200 metres from CampAlta. On the riverbank we have raised traditional Sami Lavvus and created pastures for the herd of reindeer. Native Sami reindeer herders invite you into an evening of the traditional Sami lifestyle. Experience joik, Sami folk-lore and share stories around the campfire inside the cozy lavvu.

While we wait for the northern lights to reveal itself, you may parttake in a multitude of traditional Sami activities, such as lasso throwing (on a stationary target) and feeding and petting the reindeers. When the northern light flows across the night sky, we will be taking pictures for you, allowing you to soak inn all the impressions withouth looking through the viewfinder of your camera.

Our accommodation guests can be provided with warm clothing (max 25 guests).