«Sometimes one campfire is enough»

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Guiding Altaelva

CampAlta rests in upper Alta by the riverside.


With us you can rent a cabin and a guide with a riverboat if you been lucky to obtain a fishing card.

To get a nice fishing experience and the largest chance to catch the big fish we recommend a local expert with a boat.


Our guide have up to 30 years of experience.

We can establish a fishing camp with tent, tables and chairs so you have it the most comfortable under fishing.



Here is our services and prices:

500NOK Pickup at the airport and we can assist with provisions.


800NOK Trip/return to fishing places in zone Raipas



For our guests living at CampAlta whom have their own fishing card we can offer river boat transportation.



CampAlta does not sell fishing cards for Alta river. To obtain a card you have to send an application to Alta Salmon Fishery Shareholder Company. www.altalaks.no

Guiding Raipas –           4 500NOK  per night

Guiding by boat, fishing by boat 5 hours at morning and 5 hours at night

Guiding Jøraholmen – 5 500NOK  per night

Guiding by boat

Guiding Sandia –           6 000NOK  per night

Guiding by boat


(+47) 400 77 399






Steinfossveien 25

N-9518 ALTA


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