What kind of clothing should we bring for the reindeer-ride trips?

A basic layer of wool underwear (100% is the best), a good fleece or wool sweater, a pair of wool socks and a winter jacket is all you need! We will provide you with a proper winter suit, mittens, hat, boots. We do not offer any shoes below the EU size 36. Kids should therefor bring their own winter shoes.

What is the weather like / at the moment?

Check the weather in Alta on: www.yr.no

How are the Northern Lights when we are visiting Alta?

Alta is called the City of the Northern Lights for a reason and there is a high probability of seeing them. The Northern Light season runs from the middle of September to middle of April. To increase the change of seeing them we advise people who are staying for a short period of time to join a Northern Light Tour/Safari.

Can we buy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Camp?

We serve no meals at campalta. All cottages have their own kitchen. Here you can make your own meals.

Can we pre-book our trip?

Yes, you can book your trip directly through our website.

Where culture meets nature

CampAlta offers accommodation and authentic sami culture in one place. Go reindeer sledding and experience northern lights in the arctic nature!